Google AdWords & Remarketing

Position your website at the top of key search results with pay-per-click advertising.

Have you ever searched on Google for a specific product or service, and noticed that the first few search results are ads? That’s Google AdWords, a powerful service that allows you to position your website in the top search results for specific keywords by paying a fee to Google when someone clicks on the ad.

The Pay Per Click fee varies greatly by keyword. The most popular keywords in areas with high competition are going to be very expensive: even $20 a click! But smaller, less competitive industries and keywords can be just a few cents a click.

Retargeting is a separate service offered by Google. When someone visits your website, a tracking code, called a cookie, is placed on their computer, tablet, or phone. Then for the next several weeks, when they visit another website participating in Google’s Display Network, your ad will show up on that website! You are literally following your prospects around the internet once they leave your site. So if leads don’t take the desired action (fill out a form, buy, etc.) on your website the first time, you stay in touch. No leads left behind. Your ROI skyrockets!

Our Google AdWords and Remarketing Package includes:

  • Building and configuring your account
  • Creative ad copy
  • Building keyword lists
  • Competitor research
  • Conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Remarketing
  • Optimization
  • Custom reporting

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