Thrive Together Program

Marketing Credits for Nonprofits, Businesses owned by Women, Minorities, Veterans, and First Responders

InSync Media’s mission is to create growth and change opportunities through digital marketing. We believe marketing services should be more accessible to those who face disadvantages in business due to lack of access to funding, marginalization, or physical or mental health challenges.

To that end, we have established a fund to help off-set the marketing fees of InSync clients who falls into one or more of these categories:


501c3 Nonprofit Serving a Local Community


Woman or Minority Owned Business (at least 50%)


Military Veteran or First Responder owned business (at least 50%)

Marketing Services You can Apply Thrive Together Credit Towards

You can use the Thrive Together Credit towards marketing fees for:

New Website

Storybrand Workshop

Graphic Design

Logo Design



Social Media Management

Marketing Coaching

Thrive Together

Program Offerings

If your business or organization meets our criteria and if there are currently funds available in our Thrive Together account, you have the option to receive one of the following benefits depending on how long you have been in business.

Thrive Together Starter:

$1500 Credit

  • Your organization is less than 12 months old
  • Your organization falls into one of the three categories
  • Your organization has a demonstrated need for the credit
A cellphone showing an opened Social Media window with a finger pointing to the importance of Social Media in today's business.

Thrive Together Booster:

$500 Credit

  • Your organization has been in existence for more than 12 months
  • Your organization falls into one of the three categories
  • Your organization has a demonstrated need for the credit

Note: Funds for Thrive Together are limited! We earmark 2% of gross profit into our Thrive Together Program. Therefore, if your organization has other funding sources such as grants for nonprofits or investments, we ask that you consider leaving the Thrive Together credits for other organizations with greater need and less access to funding.

“The reasons why I use InSync Media:

  1. The onboarding process helps me realize what all I needed and wanted from my website. Super helpful!
  2. The follow-up meetings and emails for design, timeline, and launching helped tremendously with my expectations and making sure all of us are on the same page.
  3. The design team listens and delivers on the aesthetics.
  4. Quick to respond if I ever need anything.
  5. They deliver on time.
  6. I like the team.

Nicole L.

Mama Bear, Faultless

Other Nonprofits We Have Worked With

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with InSync Media?

Every project is a custom quote based on your exact scope of work. We start with a complimentary Discovery Meeting to understand your organization and needs before we give a quote. Our minimums are: website builds start at $6000, and monthly marketing programs such as SEO or social media start at $1000/month. These minimums are subject to change; your quote will depend on your scope. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting to find out more before you start to plan/budget around these prices.

I represent a national nonprofit. Can I apply for a Thrive Together Credit?

Because national nonprofits have greater access to funding through donations, we do not give credits to national organizations. We are currently limiting our credits to nonprofits who primarily serve their local communities: think animal shelters, food banks, homeless shelters, advocacy centers, after-school programs, etc.

I was not able to receive a credit; do you have other ways you work with organizations?

Yes! Our founder, Laura Williams’ professional background includes 15 years working with and for nonprofits in marketing, operations, and fundraising. She is happy to donate a one-hour consultation to any nonprofit, WBENC, or military/first responder-owned organization. Email us at to request an appointment.

Additionally, our Education Center has hours of reading, tips, and tutorials for any organization to learn more about marketing.

Is the Thrive Together credit one-time or recurring?

The credit is a one-time credit applied to your first contract with InSync Media. The credit will be spread out over several invoices based on your payment schedule.

Will my Thrive Together project be prioritized as if I was a full-paying customer?

Absolutely! This program is InSync’s way of living one of our core values: Generosity of Spirit. You will receive the same high-level customer support and quality of service as full-paying customers.

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