InSync Media Case Studies

Here at InSync Media, our client’s success is our number one objective. Not satisfied to solve the surface problems, we dig deep into each challenge presented to us to find the best solution for our clients. Check out the case studies below to see how our clients reached outstanding results through a strategic implementation of various marketing tools.

CASA of the 7th Judicial District

Dancing With The Stars Event

Social Media Marketing for a Non-Profit

CASA of the 7th Judicial District had great results working with InSync Media as we prepared for the 2nd annual “Dancing with the Stars” community benefit. We had over 1,100 people in attendance on the night of the event. InSync Media was a good investment of our advertising dollars.

Carlton Mason

Executive Director, CASA 7JD

The Challenge

CASA 7JD had never really delved into the social media market and was tentative about how much faith they should put into it. Plus they had a limited marketing budget. The InSync Media team planned a collaberative solution working with the motivated volunteers of CASA 7JD.

The Solution

The InSync Media team pulled together their resources and joined forces with CASA’s volunteers to create a powerful social media marketing plan. InSync Media provided the strategy, designs, and content. CASA fabulously worked with their volunteers and sponsors to create engaging videos. We were able to stretch this non-profit’s small budget to accomplish truly amazing results for their event.

The Results Were Astounding


They nearly doubled their attendance by adding an afternoon matinee to the evening event.

Page Traffic

They increased their page traffic and reached over 10,000 people through social media advertising and boosted posts.

Next Year's Budget

Next year CASA has already voted to significantly increase thier social media budget.

Facebook Marketing Results

From February 7 to March 6, 2017

New Page Likes

Video Views from Feb. 7 - March 6

Post Engagement

Total People Reached

CASA dances its way to nearly $75K

The callabrative effort with InSync Media and the energetic team at CASA 7jd lead to the 78% increase in the events revenue from the previous year.

  • In 2016, they raised $45,000
  • In 2017, they raised $75,000

Montrose County School District

Social Media – Facebook Live Focus

Social Media Marketing for a Non-Profit

InSync Media has provided outstanding communications to the public for the Montrose County School District (MCSD). As the Superintendent for the MCSD I count on quick and powerful communications to the public. InSync Media, led by Laura Williams, is a company that I trust to get the accurate information out to the public regarding the school district. Our community members utilize social media for communicating, providing the MCSD news through Social Media becomes a direct connection to the public. I highly recommend Insync Media.

Steve Schiell

Superintendent, Montrose County School District

The Challenge

The local school district in Montrose, CO had a unique challenge: while facing expanding costs to maintain a deteriorating middle school building, they received grant funds from the state to rebuild the school. The only catch was, the voters had to agree to a mill levy increase to fund a certain percentage of the project. The voters in the county had voted down mill levy increases in recent elections, so the school superintendent contracted with InSync Media to engage with the community through Facebook to build support for the ballot initiative.

The Solution

InSync Media partnered with Life Cycle Studios to produce a high-quality video showcasing the school’s structural problems and the limitations faced by the students and teachers every day. They also produced a number of infographics, video shorts, ads, photos, and graphics to engage with the community. InSync Media partnered with the school district and the community volunteer organization, K.I.D.S., to manage public relations on Facebook.

Building A Better Social Media Presence

Page Engagement and Traffic

Thousands of post engagements (likes, shares, comments). Spurred community questions, discussions, and interest.

Social Media

Used a combination of videos, infographics, and images to get the message out.


Passing Grade

Our social media efforts resulted in this ballot measuring being passed


Increased page likes

Reached people in Montrose CO (~$500 advertising budget)

Planting Missional Churches

Business Marketing & Management

Print, web, email, and more.

Laura is a joy to work with! She has worked on numerous projects for B&H Academic for the past two years, including catalogs, print and online ads, print pieces, websites, social media, and email campaigns. She endeavors to understand my audience and tailors each project to reach them in the best way. She’s eager to hear my input, but also offers her own valuable advice. Her suggestions have greatly improved numerous projects we’ve worked on together. She is a valuable partner in my marketing efforts, and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Chris Reese

Former Marketing Manager, B&H Academic (Planting Missional Churches)

The Challenge

Academic book publisher, B&H Academic, needed a high performing landing page to market their newest book, Planting Missional Churches. They also needed a way to capture leads for future communication and marketing. They approached InSync Media for strategy and design for their landing page.

The Solution

We provided a series of mockups for the landing page, centered around lead generation and conversion of their audience for book sales. We also suggested a series of emails to continue to nurture their new leads, not only for book sales, but also for conversion to their new membership site.

A One of A Kind Campaign

Landing Page

With a focus on gathering email addresses through offering a free sample chapter of the book.

Series of Three Automated Emails

Designed to nurture leads, provide opportunities for sales, and to convert the leads into monthly members on New Church’s membership site for pastors and church leaders.

Email Campaign Designs

The Results

Nearly 2000 qualified leads to date have signed up for the emails via the form on the landing page. Even though the publisher has gradually decreased marketing efforts of this book, the page and the emails continue to exceed expectations. Our lead-nurturing campaign performed exceptionally well for their audience! The emails out-performed every industry standard with open rates ranging from 53% – 72%, and click through rates ranging from 13% – 45%.

Emails sent


Average Click Rate


Average Open Rate