Unlock the Secrets of a High-Performing Marketing Website

by Jan 21, 2019Web Design

Unlock the Secrets of a High-Performing Marketing Website

If you want to harness the full power of the internet to grow your business, it’s important for you to have a website design built to market effectively. A company marketing website allows you to get discovered when people search for companies like yours via a search engine, and it provides you with the opportunity to hone and develop your online presence, which shapes your reputation on the web. Marketing websites also give people a destination to visit when they discover your company via social media, so you can convert more potential customers into paying ones. Your website should be the center of all outreach as it is the only part of the internet you control.

Why You Should Update Your Website Design Around Marketing

If your company has had a business website from the day you launched, or you haven’t revisited your site in a while, it’s important for you to update your site. Sites that are updated regularly outperform those that are neglected because:

  • They incorporate the most up-to-date website design technology, like responsiveness. Responsive website design ensures that your site looks good no matter what size screen or device someone views it on.
  • They take into account the latest SEO rules, which ensures that they continue to rank high in Google (and other search engines) search results.
  • They stay ahead of competitors when it comes to offering a positive web experience and helpful information.

We recommend that you refresh your website every 18 months, and plan on a major revision of your website every 3 years.

6 “Secrets” of a Successful Marketing Website

If you want your company to have a successful marketing website, you should make sure it incorporates:

  1. Mobile responsiveness. Mobile responsive sites work well for visitors no matter where they visit you from. Additionally, your website needs to load quickly on cellular service, which is usually slower than WIFI.
  2. User Experience. Can your customers easily find the information they need on your website? We call it the “Squint Test.” Within 30 seconds of hitting your home page, visitors should be able to see three things: who you are, how they will benefit from your products or services, and a direct call to action.
  3. High-Quality Copywriting. Words sell. If you aren’t sure how to express your company’s values and personality through the written word, collaborate with an experienced copywriter to get your message out.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. The copy on your site shouldn’t just be well written. It should also be crafted with SEO in mind, which means it should be optimized around the right keywords (the ones that people are searching for that are related to your business). You should also keep in mind the other important rules of SEO, like having a fast load time, images that are tagged with the right keywords, and more.
  5. Development. The best business websites have been well developed using industry-standard tools so that they function well and with the latest, fastest technology.
  6. Beautiful Design. A beautiful and functional web design ought to engage your visitors in an immersive experience, share your company’s core values, and follow your visual brand guidelines.

How a Marketing Website Will Help You Get Off the Ground and Grow

If you are launching a business, one of the most important steps is to create a marketing website. It can provide potential customers with vital information about your business, and it gives you the opportunity to be discovered online via organic search results. Creating a marketing website is a key first step to bringing in your audience of customers — then you can wow them with the products and services you provide.


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