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Did you know that Google values quality content above anything else? Even when a website is not performing perfectly, if the content is valuable, interesting, and helpful, Google will rank this website higher than its competitors.

We have often heard that content is king, and for once, such a wide claim is true. Your audience is looking for content that solves problems, informs, and entertains. If you manage to match your audience’s expectations, you can then turn your followers into customers.

The best part is that content is not temporary. Ads only display for as long as you pay for them, but people can read your posts the coming week, month, or year. This makes content a crucial part of your SEO endeavors. How would you feel if your website ranked high in Google just thanks to good content?

Why Does Content Matter?

Your Business Is Ahead of the Competition and a Leader in its Industry

Although people are bombarded by content, good quality content will make you stand out from your competition.

People like reading what interests them and helps them with their lives. If you can find what your audience needs, you will help them achieve their goals and become a natural leader in your industry. People will trust you and will look into your business for answers to their queries.

Keep Your Audience Close to Your Brand

Content helps you keep your brand visible. Matching your content to your brand will remind customers of what your business does and what you’re all about. You want people to know your brand and remember it when they need your business. Content spread across various media will keep your brand alive and make it memorable.

Your Business Becomes More Visible in Searches and Search Engines

Being among the top-3 results on Google is the dream of every business owner: “where do I show up in Google searches” is probably the most frequent question we are asked.

Good quality and relevant content are key to your business being visible in search engines. This is what is called organic results: you don’t have to pay for advertising to keep your business in the top ranks. Instead, you create content that relates to your audience and offers value. With the right keywords, your content will appear in search engines and boost the visibility of your brand in online searches.

Cheaper than Paid Advertising

Most business owners prefer to delegate their content writing to dedicated marketing agencies like InSync Media.

Although at first glance they may feel they are spending a lot of money on content writing, this pays off handsomely in the long run.

Superior content helps a brand remain visible without the need for paid advertising, so business owners save much more from their advertising budget than they are spending for content creation.

As a bonus, your content stays visible for a long time unlike your advertising, where you need to spend on a daily basis to keep your brand and business noticeable to your audience.

You Gather Insight into Your Audience

With good content, you can gauge what your audience likes.

Once your audience starts interacting with your content, you get glimpses of what they like, how your content refers to them, and what pain points they have that need to be solved.

This is invaluable insight: the more you know your audience, the better you can target and match their needs.

You Increase Your Revenue from Existing Customers

Help your existing customers spend more by offering them purchase opportunities. Remind them through your content of what you do and stress how your products or services can help your audience find solutions to their problems.

Content will keep your existing customers informed about your business. Whenever they need something from your industry, they will turn to your business rather than your competitors.

Creating a Content Strategy

Content is not just written word, but images, video, guides, and more that provide real value to someone

Before starting working on your content, you need to sit down with your content marketing agency and analyze the scope and goal of your content strategy.

Why Are You Creating Content?

Ask yourself why you are investing in content. What is your primary goal?

  • Do you want to increase your customers?
  • Are you hoping to promote your products or services?
  • Do you plan on introducing new lines of products?
  • Are you looking for input from your audience?

You need to be clear about your expectations from the start. Knowing why you need content helps you write the right content for you.

Who Are You Creating Content for?

You probably have a clear idea of what your audience looks like.

Before embarking on content writing, consider your audience and ask yourself: what does my audience feel? How do they think? Who do they listen to and how can I make them listen to me? What are they looking for and how can I fulfill that need?

Who Will Be Writing/Developing the Content?

From our years of experience, we have realized that most business owners lack the time to write content for their websites and social media.

If you want your content writing effort to pay off, you need to hire a content writing and marketing agency that will write the content for you. Here at InSync Media, we discuss with our clients the topics and goals they want to achieve and then write the relevant content for them.

Our writing team consists of award-winning published authors with wide experience in SEO writing and can match most writing tones including academic, friendly, official, informative, etc. You tell us what you need and our writing team will do the research and write SEO-friendly content that represents your business.

When Will You Create Your Content?

You need to establish an editorial calendar. Writing content for websites and social media needs to be regular. You can’t write two posts in 10 days and leave your website idle for the next two months.

Here at InSync Media, we look at content writing 6 months in advance. We take a calendar and write down important dates. We also prepare seasonal content, where appropriate, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and any other relevant date that gives us an opportunity to write content and advertise your business.

We plan ahead to help our content writing strategy unfold for your business’ benefit.

Who Maintains Your Content?

A dedicated content writing agency will maintain your content and keep it relevant and updated.

Content writing is a marathon, not a sprint: you need to be consistent and committed to your goal. We can help you achieve this goal.

What Is Good Content?

Good Content has many facets, not all listed here in this image

Quality Matters

Good content is the content that relates to your audience.

You want to write content that is readable and engaging. If you are targeting your teenage audience, you need to write something that matters to them, in a language and style they will read. If your audience is seniors, again your content will need to match their needs and speak in their language.

Quality content is content that is accurate, helpful, legitimate, informative, educational, and entertaining. It also needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO-friendly), consistent, findable, and translatable.

Diversified Content

There are dozens of original ways to keep your audience close to your brand. While posts and texts are crucial in content marketing, we have so many other options to diversify your content: games, videos, infographics, images, webinars, how-to, checklists, white papers, podcasts, live events, audio content, and eBooks can all create an assortment of content.

Also, think of behind-the-scene video takes and short interviews. Here at InSync Media, we create your content strategy with a custom content mix to better appeal to your audience. People love diversity and interact more readily when they are offered variety.

We also create content for social media platforms. You need to be active on several media to reach your audience: your website is crucial but so are your social media. We choose the social media platforms where you will find your audience and create contests, stories, and posts for your brand.

Through social media, we ask your customers to share their stories with their friends, thus giving your business an extra boost. This type of word-of-mouth marketing makes your brand more familiar to people and helps increase your sales.

SEO-Friendly, Searchable Content

For Google to index your content, you need to have the right keywords in your text.

This is where a professional content writing team comes in. Here at InSync Media, our writing team works hand-in-hand with our SEO experts. Together, they establish the topics and the keywords that need to be included in the text.

The goal is for your content to seamlessly incorporate the relevant keywords that people look for when they search for something relevant to your business. We make content that is readable, informative, and easily indexable by Google.

We also stay away from industry jargon. The average American reads at the 7th- to 8th-grade level, according to The Literacy Project. Not only does jargon make reading comprehension harder, but also your audience probably doesn’t speak it and will look for your business using layman’s terms. We use these words in our texts because these are the keywords people will use in Google to look for your products and services.

Repurpose Your Content

A good content marketing agency will repurpose your content and create new content in a different format:

  • An article can turn into a short video
  • A text with numbers can be changed into an infographic
  • A series of photos with captions can be shown in a slideshow.
  • A long post can be cut into shorter ones to create a series. This makes your audience look for the next piece of the series.
  • If you have several texts about a particular subject, you can create an ebook that you can give away for free in exchange for email addresses.
  • Photos from your posts can be used in your social media, which are particularly favorable to visual content.

The point is to make your content interesting and engaging. You don’t need to constantly create new content but to be smart about the way you use your existing content.

Use User-Generated Content

Comments, quotes, testimonials, reviews, and mentions of your brand are creative ways to generate content and buzz around you. They help your word-of-mouth spread and are authentic and genuine displays of your audience’s appreciation.

Check Your Past Posts

Your past posts could contain outdated information and prices that are not valid anymore. You could also be mentioning outdated statistics from 2017.

Revisit your past posts and update the numbers and your prices. Republish them and let your audience know that you have new content. This shows you are on top of things and closely following your industry trends.

Organize Content Marketing

Keeping your schedule filled with content releases is important.

Once you have created your content, you need to let your audience know about it.

Encourage Your Staff to Share

Ask your staff to share your content with their followers. Engage your staff in your company’s vision and listen to their input and ideas. A common goal is far easier to achieve! By sharing your content, your brand will gain traction and visibility fast.

Reply to Comments and Engage with Your Audience

If you have content posted on social media platforms, take the time to reply to comments and start a conversation with your audience. People like to see who is behind a brand. Once you start talking and sharing information, your followers will be more willing to share your content and advertise your brand to their friends.

Promote through Email

If you have an email list, use it to let your audience know that you have published new content online. Help them find it by giving them the direct link so they don’t need to look around for it.

Paid Social Media Ads

Paid social media ads are a great way to further promote your content. Organize your strategy and allocate a budget for social media ads that will promote your content to your followers. Revisit your publishing calendar and see which posts you may wish to promote in the forthcoming months.


A great way to deliver visibility to your brand is to give away freebies to your followers. Include a promotion when you email your audience about new content. Offer freebies and giveaways to your social media followers to reward them for being close to your brand.

When you build a community of people around your business, you instantly have a great pool of potential customers who can put the word forward for your products or services. The point is to listen to them and give them something that your competitors don’t.

InSync Media Has a Dedicated Content Writing and Marketing Team

Here at InSync Media, we develop more than content. We create winning content writing strategies. We have organized content writing marketing for dozens of companies, from swimming pool contractors to law firms, schools, IT businesses, photographers, and more.

Together, we can create a customized content marketing strategy for you, detailing its implementation and the results it will be bringing in.

Contact InSync Media online or call now 970-901-5216 to find out how a targeted content marketing strategy can help your business!


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