Don’t Forget to Breathe: Tips from a Top Web Designer

by Apr 19, 2019Keeping it Real

If you’ve heard it once you’ve probably heard it a thousand times: “It’s okay to take a break!” As a web developer, business owner, or even as a human being you need time to stop and take a few moments to breathe. I’ve found that especially as a creative web designer, I need time to recharge so I can be at the top of my game.

So how do you manage your work time and your breathing time? We came up with a few creative ideas on how to add in those brief moments to your ever-growing schedule as a web designer, business owner, or creative person.


1. Plan a Vacation

I know right now you’re like “well duh, I need to take a vacation but I don’t have the money or the time to take one.” I get it, it’s hard to plan something out, pay for it, travel expenses are ridiculous but hear me out.

Vacations in and of themselves are mostly defined as going somewhere and spending lots of money (that’s the perception anyway). There are other ways to take a vacation without spending massive amounts of time scouring for the best flight prices, breaking the bank, and of course the inevitable travel headaches. How is this possible? Well, I’d suggest taking one in town or in a nearby city. You’re still close to your everyday life but you’re taking a step back from reality by renting a room at a local inn or getting a massage. You won’t have to stress over cleaning dishes, taking care of kids, etc. You already know about the area so you don’t have to search for places to eat, you don’t have to drive for hours on end or pay for flights to go somewhere exotic (though it would be nice to get there someday). The point is you don’t have to pack up your life to relax. You simply need to find a calm place close by to relax.


2. Take a Walk or Work Out

One of the best ways to break up the daily routine is to take a walk or do some sort of exercise during your day. It doesn’t have to be super long or fast-paced. The benefits of adding a simple exercise routine will get you away from your desk, allow you to get some fresh air, your body will naturally relax, and much more. Try hitting up the local yoga studio during a lunch break or power walking around the block. (Let’s face it—you’re probably not incredibly productive with your web design at 3:00 pm anyway–might as well get the exercise when you’re tired of staring at a web design on the computer screen!)


3. Treat Yourself

It can be tough to pull yourself away from the computer and a looming web design deadline to treat yourself. But a simple sandwich and cup of coffee can be exactly the thing to remind you that you’re human. The funny thing is, the better you treat yourself, the better you’ll do at your project. Money follows mindset. When you have the confidence to spend a little money on yourself, that generosity comes back in surprising ways to enrich your life.


4. Create

When you spend your day creating web designs or really any other creative project, it’s exhausting. But here’s what I recommend: make sure you do at least one creative project each week that is only for you. I enjoy adding content to my dream stories, doodling quirky characters, and getting inspiration from illustrators and other web designers via the interweb.

There are my four tips for staying at the top of my game as a web designer! Allowing space in your life as a creative person is important! Without it, you’ll burn out—or create uninspired work. Give yourself space to breathe by planning mini vacations, getting exercise, treating yourself, and creating just for you.

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